The value of Face to Face

Yesterday has been the day of promoting face to face interaction. I read two independent blog entries.

The first one by Esther Derby called Face to Face Still Matters. It compares the cost vs. the use of face to face meetings. The point here is that the use has no cash value while the cost (like travel etc.) has a clear and measurable price tag.

The second one “Face-to-Face Trumps Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Video…” by Kathy Sierra brings a different perspective to the topic. Kathy talks about being highly motivated by meeting people face to face as well as the magic bit that is still missing in other means of communication.

Both perspectives make a point that all our technology can not fully substitute meeting in person. I want to add one other point here: Talking to people face to face is a matter of respect (particular in one on one meetings).

(See also my post on communication effectiveness).

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